Do you know what steam cleaning is? What about hot water extraction cleaning? Lots of people believe the two are the same thing but nothing could be farther from the truth. Understanding what extraction is all about is important so you can ensure your carpets are cleaned with the most efficient and modern methods. Read on to learn more.

What Extraction Cleaning Is

Extraction cleaning is easier to understand than you might think. A powerful machine heats water for a professional cleaning company. Trained experts use this machine to infuse the carpet with hot water and a cleaning solution to remove dirt.

Once that is done, the machine also extracts the solution and the water back out of the carpet. This ensures it’s nice and dry quickly. Some people assume this is the same as steam cleaning since the process does create steam. However, the hot water is what does the cleaning rather than the steam that results from it.

The Difference from Steam Cleaning

The first thing to be aware of is that steam is very hot – more than hot water is. To create steam, water has to boil and evaporate. However, steam can cause some stains to set into the carpet. When something like detergent is used, steam can’t rinse out the carpet as well as hot water can. Hot water extraction flushes the carpet fibers and gets rid of all the dirt.

Reasons to Choose Extraction Cleaning

There are many advantages to choosing extraction cleaning. First of all, water is the main item used to clean the carpet. This makes it a great choice for homes when people living there have asthma or allergies. If detergent is used, it’s very small amounts and is safe for pets, kids, and the environment.

Unlike other forms of carpet cleaning, extraction refreshes the pile of your rug from top to bottom. This ensures it is stain-free and fresh longer than when using other methods. Since water is the main thing cleaning the rugs, you also don’t need to worry about chemical residue being left behind.

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