There are many different carpet cleaning products on the market today—an entire trillion-dollar industry is dedicated to keeping floors looking their best. The unfortunate part is that the good majority of that industry is comprised of companies selling cleaning products with harsh chemicals and abrasive ingredients that can do more harm than good if you’re not careful.

Chemicals can be tempting because they have claims of impressive cleaning power, and they’re easily accessible, but you really should avoid them at all costs. Here are just a handful of reasons why.

  1. Chemicals can damage floors.

While most chemical carpet cleaning products claim they will not be dangerous for most floors, you’ll notice that almost all of them also have a warning about testing a small area of the floor before use—that should be warning enough to avoid them altogether.

  1. Chemicals are harmful to air quality and breathing.

When you have kids or people with allergies in the home, or other breathing sensitivities, these harsh chemicals can become problematic. They can even be harsh on the average person if you don’t properly ventilate when using them. This is yet another reason to skip the chemicals. For everyone’s health.

  1. Chemical carpet cleaning products can cause harm to pets.

And by everyone, we’re including pets. A lot of carpet cleaning products warn to keep away from pets or to rinse well to ensure residue isn’t left behind to become a danger to pets. Wouldn’t you rather just avoid the risk entirely by choosing a pet-safe product?

  1. Chemical residue can lead to more dirt buildup.

The biggest problem that most professional carpet cleaners see in homes is when carpets get built up with even more dirt after cleaning. This is usually because residues are left behind and those cause dirt to stick easier and eventually result in most people calling in the professionals to resolve the problem once and for all.

  1. Chemical cleaners can harm the environment.

Air quality isn’t just about the breathing environment for your family and pets. It’s also about the greater environment as a whole. These chemicals can damage the environment in several ways, including improper disposal. Their manufacture also takes its toll on the environment, making it doubly important to avoid them if you want an eco-friendly option.

If you’re not sure how to best clean your carpets without the chemicals, consult Green-Gen Carpet and Fine Rug Cleaning.

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