Family holidays are a great time to get together and enjoy each other’s company. These aren’t the times that you want to find yourself scrubbing the carpets while everyone else is having a good time—naturally, you’ll want to try to avoid spills and stains whenever possible.

Of course, accidents happen. And when there are a lot of people, children, pets, and so forth, things can get hectic. If you’re faced with the most common Turkey Day dropsies, you’re not alone. Here are the worst stains to deal with during Thanksgiving and what you can do to get rid of them for good.


Nothing is worse than getting butter on the rug or carpet. This greasy, hard-to-remove substance, especially in its melted form, can get into carpets and become nearly impossible to remove. It’s best to treat butter stains as soon as possible with a bit of dish soap and a damp cloth.

Cranberry Sauce

That beautiful red sauce isn’t going to be so pretty when it’s splashed across the new cream area rug. Cranberry needs to be addressed immediately so that it doesn’t set in. Seconds count with this one, or you might find yourself calling in the stain experts for a simple spill.


Like butter, gravy is full of fat and therefore will adhere to the carpet in a way that you may not be able to get rid of if you let it sit for too long. Like other grease stains, dish soap works quite effectively if applied immediately. If you let it sit, the grease could seep into the carpet fibers and down into the padding.


Of course, you can’t forget everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving dessert. Although it’s mostly a solid, pumpkin pie for example is not entirely solid so you will need to clean up the larger mess by scraping the pumpkin off the floor before cleaning the area so that you don’t push it down into the carpet fibers or make the stain larger.


Like cranberries, wines are colored with tannins, which are seriously dangerous for carpets. If you spill wine on your rug or carpet, you need to clean it up right away. Use a white, clean cloth or pad to absorb the wine and blot it up carefully, rather than rubbing it around and potentially spreading it into a larger stain.

Keep these stain-fighting tips in mind and spend more time enjoying your holidays and less time stressing about the mess. Contact Green-Gen Carpet and Fine Rug Cleaning for more tips!

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