When winter fades and the warmth of spring comes slowly creeping around the corner, we all get the itch to clean up our homes, clean out the junk, and dust off the winter blues once and for all. There is a lot that you can do to refresh your home for the coming spring and summer months, but your rugs are one area that deserves a little TLC.

Through the winter, rugs see a lot more dirt and grime. Snow, mud, and other elements build up on shoes and get carried through the house. Even when you take your shoes off at the door, it’s hard not to track the elements through the house at one point or another.

Your rugs have been working hard to keep up with all this filthy traffic—it’s only right that you give them some love. Here are some tips to refresh your rugs and give your home a nice clean look in no time:

  • Use baking soda on the rug before vacuuming to loosen any dirt and debris. This can help pick up more grime and leave the rugs cleaner and better looking. Add a little vinegar for extra cleaning power.
  • Don’t use chemical cleaners or spot treatments, if you can help it. Choose natural cleaners or oxygen-based products for safe, effective results. More importantly, follow the care instructions for each specific rug.
  • Call your local carpet cleaning service and ask if they have any spring specials for rug cleaning. This can do a lot more for your rugs than any DIY cleaning efforts you might try.
  • Consider upgrading worn-out rugs or replacing carpets in rooms where you want to change up the design without a big renovation. One or two new rugs can go a long way in making a space look totally different.
  • Clean the floors under your rugs at least once or twice a year. It can be tempting to assume the rug catches it all, but stains, spills, and dirt can seep through to the floor below, causing damage that is out of sight if you never move the rug.

Simple steps can go a long way to making your home look bright and new, even if you’ve had the same rug for a decade. If you take care of your floors and floor coverings, they can provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment. For more tips, contact Green-Gen Carpet and Fine Rug Cleaning today!

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