Hardwood flooring is an exquisite addition to any home. It increases home value anywhere from 3% to 5% and fits with practically any aesthetic. Even well-maintained hardwood is susceptible to wear with time, though, and there comes a day when it’s time to consider restoration. 

What signs should you look for and how do you know it’s time to refinish your hardwood? This article will walk you through a few possible signs that it’s time to break out the sander or call a professional. 

Your Floor is Scratched 

Damage is the most obvious sign that it’s time to refinish your floors. If they’re visibly scratched or dented, procrastinating the project will leave them in worse shape. Everything from pet nails to scraping furniture can cause scratches and punctures on the floor, and accidents happen even when you take the utmost amount of care.

Refinishing hardwood gives you the chance to buff out all of those scuffs and scratches and create a new surface. Deeper scratches and punctures leave your floor susceptible to water damage, too, so refinishing improves its longevity

You Want a New Color

You don’t have to replace your floors entirely if you want a new color. Maybe the orange-toned floors just don’t work with your decor anymore, or you’re ready to go for something darker. Refinishing is the answer, and it’s significantly less expensive than installing all-new flooring. You just need to choose a new stain to transform your home. 


Discolored hardwood happens for a couple of different reasons. There could be too much direct sunlight, causing uneven patterns and spots of bleaching. That doesn’t cause true damage, but it might be unsightly.

Gray discoloration, on the other hand, is typically a sign of moisture. Your finish has won off and moisture is seeping into the wood, causing discoloration. If you ignore it for too long, you’ll be looking at a full replacement. 


Even if your floors have a matte finish, they’ll begin looking dull once it wears off. If you notice a lackluster area or multiple similar spots, your hardwood needs some help. Without refinishing, your floors will start to look dull and uneven. They’ll be open to water and moisture damage, too, so refinishing is a preventative measure. 


Restoring and refinishing hardwood grants new life and vibrancy to your floor. It increases its longevity, protects it from damage, and just makes your home look and feel better. The reasons above are hardly an exhaustive list, but they’re good to keep in mind when evaluating your floors! Contact Green-Gen Carpet and Fine Rug Cleaning to learn more!

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