Even the best carpets are going to start to look a bit dull and dirty over time. Dust, dirt, and all of the foot traffic from people and pets will end up taking a toll. Vacuuming can help to get up some of the dirt, but not all of it. You need to have a deeper clean that can remove not just the dirt but also the germs, mold, and other elements that cause your carpet to be dirty.

You could choose steam cleaning or shampooing. Let’s get a look at the differences between them.

What Is Shampooing?

Carpet shampooing is not dissimilar to washing your hair. You use soap and specialized cleaners to remove stains on the carpet. The agitation from the machine helps to remove the dirt from the carpet to provide a deep clean. You could hire a professional for this, or you could rent a shampooer. Grocery stores often have them available.

Shampooers tend to use more water than steam cleaning does. One of the side effects of this is that the carpets tend to take quite a bit longer to dry. Carpet shampooing can result in a nice, clean carpet once everything is dry.

What Is Steam Cleaning?

If you want to be green, you will want to opt for steam cleaning instead of shampooing. With steam cleaning, there aren’t going to be any added chemicals that could be bad for the environment or your own health. Some people have sensitivity to the types of chemicals used in shampooing.

You will also find that steam cleaning is a fantastic way to get rid of certain types of pests that make their way into your home. This includes things like fleas and cockroaches, which often lay their eggs on the carpet. The temperature of the steam is so high that it is going to kill those eggs.

The carpets are going to dry in much less time, too, which is helpful if you are on a time crunch. You can contact the professionals at Green-Gen Carpet and Fine Rug Cleaning,  who can take care of your steam cleaning for you. This makes it nice and easy for you.

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