Rugs are often treasured possessions. Handmade, Oriental-style rugs cost thousands of dollars, and even mass-produced varieties come with sizable price tags. Replacement is difficult and loss or damage of rugs is sometimes devastating, especially when it comes to antique or heirloom rugs. 

So, how do you protect your cherished rug when it’s time to move it into storage? Below is a look at the best ways to keep your rug safe – whether you’re storing it for a few weeks, a season, or longer. 

Thorough Cleaning 

Cleaning is the first and most vital step in storing your rug. Rugs should be professionally cleaned once a year (or at least every 18 months) but should always be thoroughly cleaned before storing. Cleaning removes any organic material, stains, debris, and dirt from the fibers. It’s your rug’s first line of defense against carpet moths, too, as they’re attracted to organic material from pet stains and food spills. 

Repel Pests

In addition to cleaning, you should treat your rug for pests before putting it in storage. There are commercial treatments available for this purpose. Apply them to kill any larvae and eggs, as well as prevent new insects from settling in. Some offer up to a year’s worth of protection, too, so you’ll have peace of mind while your rug is out of sight. 

Roll It Up 

Rugs should never be stored folded. It will cause creasing and could permanently damage the fibers and backing. Instead, roll your rug up and secure it in place with twine or something similar. 

Wrap It

Once you have your rug cleaned, protected from pests, and rolled up, wrap it with a cotton sheet, canvas, or muslin. Avoid wrapping your rug in plastic if possible, as it can cause humidity issues and invite mold, mildew, and bacteria. 

Store Vertically

Avoid laying your rug directly on the ground. Instead, store it standing up vertically. Preferably, put down a tarp, pallet, or something similar to keep your rug from direct contact with the floor. 

Final Thoughts 

Rugs make a major impact in the home, and you want to make sure yours are properly cared for. If you need to put your rugs in storage for any length of time, whether it’s a few weeks during a move, a whole season, or even longer, follow the steps above to keep them safe and protected. Contact Green-Gen Carpet and Fine Rug Cleaning to learn more!

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