Rugs are a great way to create an accent in a room when you want something simple. They also offer protection for hardwood and tile floors and can be a versatile way to change things up in a space without spending a lot or doing a huge renovation. What about putting rugs over the carpet, though?

A lot of people like the look of a decorative rug over a carpet, and it offers additional protection for the carpet fibers. You might flatten the fibers a bit, but area rugs aren’t actually going to cause real damage to your carpet if you choose quality products and lay them carefully. Another consideration is slippage, but there are rug pads and adhesive strips that will secure your rugs to any surface, including carpet.

The biggest concern is with liquid stains and wet intrusions to the carpet—if the rug gets spilled on, it will soak through to the carpet. If you don’t move the rug and clean the carpet, too, it will remain stained and break down faster than if it were properly cleaned. A lot of people choose area rugs to act as a sort of barrier to protect carpets from stains, but that only works if you clean them up properly and check underneath for potential carpet damage.

Putting rugs over carpets can be a great way to add style to a space you can’t permanently change. For example, if you are renting a house or apartment, you may not be able to change the ugly rental carpet. However, you can cover it up with plenty of good-looking area rugs that can reflect the designs of each room in the home where you add them.

Some people like to use rugs because they can change the design of the space quicker and easier than if they had to completely redo the flooring. Whatever the case may be, the experts say that there’s nothing wrong with rugs over carpets. Just remember to move them every once in a while, and check on the underlying floor to ensure it’s still in good condition.

That, along with regular carpet cleaning for your area rugs and carpets will ensure that you get the longevity that you deserve out of both and that your floors continue to look great throughout your home. If you have carpet and like rugs, go for it—you can create unique looks without expensive, labor-intensive renovations. To learn more about carpet cleaning, contact Green-Gen Carpet and Fine Rug cleaning today!

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