If you have carpet in your home, there are many things you’ll want to try to avoid at all costs. However, accidents happen, and among the worst of them is gum getting into your precious carpet. Gum is sticky. It’s messy, and it’s a pain to try to clean from anything. There are several different methods out there everyone swears by their own for removing gum from just about anything: hair, clothing, floors, etc.

Here are some tips on how to remove gum from the carpet.

Prep the Carpet and the Gum Spot

The first step is to prep the area where the gum is being removed. This includes taking out the bulk of the gum if you can before you start any type of removal process for what’s ground into the carpet deeper. Heat does work, but usually, the process is going to involve freezing the gum or using liquid to pull it up, so the less mass, the easier it will come out of the floor.

You should also make sure that you gather your materials so that you can get to work quickly and not have to run to find things along the way. If you’re going to try a few different methods, gather all the items that you’ll need to ensure that you don’t have to double back between efforts.

Hot or Cold?

A hairdryer can be used to help soften the gum. Then, you can use a plastic bag or cleaning rag to blot at the warm gum. It should stick to the bag and pull mostly out of the floor. You can lift it away slowly, but don’t force it. If some are left behind, simply reapply the heat and continue trying to pull it out. You can use tweezers or another small tool to assist you, but be careful not to damage the fibers.

Ice is the other common choice for removing gum from carpets. Simply apply an ice cube or small bag of ice to the gum and allow it to harden. This usually takes about a minute, so a bag of ice is less freezing of your hand. Gently use a small scraping tool or your nails to scrape the hardened gum out of the floor.

Try, Try Again

Sometimes, you may have to try multiple methods. You may end up realizing that WD-40 works or that you can use vinegar and get it out without a lot of work or chemical involvement. In any case, make sure that you get it out quickly and completely, and call Green-Gen Carpet and Fine Rug Cleaning if you need help.

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