Hardwood floors are beautiful, and they add a touch of elegance to any home. Today, there are several options for hardwood flooring that can allow anyone to find the perfect fit for their home. Of course, perhaps even more important than selecting the right floors for your home is understanding how to maintain them and keep them looking great over the years.

For many people, the biggest question they have with hardwood floors is how often to have professional hardwood floor cleaning performed. They understand they need to sweep and mop regularly, as well as to re-seal the floor as needed and provide other routine care. However, they might not think they need to hire someone to professionally clean the floors at all, or they may not know how frequently to do so.

As Needed

Most people will choose to have their floors professionally cleaned only when it is “needed”—such as in the event of a lot of dirt buildup, a special event or holiday where they need the home cleaned for guests, etc. This is definitely a good time to have your floors cleaned, as well as anytime you have construction done, or the floors see excess traffic or dirt that is out of the “norm” that the floors are rated for.

When you have a relationship with a professional flooring cleaning provider, you will always rest assured that your hardwood floors will be looking their best. But, in addition to as-needed cleanings, you also need regular maintenance cleanings.

Regular Cleanings

In addition to as-needed hardwood floor cleaning services, you should also consider regular preventive cleanings and inspections. This will allow flooring professionals to come into your home and see the condition of your floors, clean them properly and get rid of any stains or damaged areas, and more. It will also allow them to help advise you on tips for better floor care moving forward.

When you have floors cleaned regularly, the cleaning process is quicker and easier. It keeps your home healthier for everyone and ensures that germs aren’t floating around on every surface your feet touch. Ideally, you will have your hardwood floors cleaned twice a year just for routine care. However, if it’s a low-traffic area, once a year might be enough.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, you’re going to have to talk to Green-Gen Carpet and Fine Rug Cleaning and see what your floors need. Hardwood is beautiful, but it also requires more maintenance than several floor types. Take care of them and they will provide years of use.

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