If you own a pet, you already know that your carpets tend to get dirty faster than before you were a pet parent.

Consider all of the various types of messes that come with pets. They often track in dirt and mud from the outdoors. They may bring food onto a carpeted area and drop it, and they could have accidents on the floor. Even if they are indoor pets and don’t bring in dirt from the outside, they will still shed fur and dander.

It’s impossible to entirely stop the carpet from getting dirty. Trying to keep it clean proves to be difficult even for the most fastidious among us. Vacuuming a couple of times a week is essential. Those who have pets that shed a lot may need to vacuum every other day. This can help to handle quite a bit of the mess. However, it’s not enough to provide a full, deep cleaning.

Beware of Over the Counter Products

One of the mistakes a lot of pet owners make is believing they can use OTC cleaning products on their carpets to give them a deeper clean. The unfortunate truth is that these products often have a lot of problems. Some of them could damage your carpet. Others are toxic and could make your beloved pet sick.

You can do a few things to help reduce the amount of pet mess that gets onto the carpets. Clean and dry paws before the pets come inside. Use runners in areas the pets frequent, such as hallways. Brush your pet outside or in a room without carpet. However, you will still likely need help from carpet cleaning experts.

Professional Cleaning

The best way to ensure your carpets are truly clean is to work with experts who can professionally clean and refresh the carpet. They have the knowledge and tools to remove dirt, dander, fur, stains, and odors, all without harming you or your pets.

How often should you get a professional cleaning done on your carpets? This varies from one household to the next. For most homes, professional cleaning once every three or four months will be enough. Some may only need it twice per year. It will depend on how many pets you have and the sorts of messes being made on the carpet.

Keep in mind that Green-Gen Carpet and Fine Rug Cleaning will provide more benefits than just getting rid of messes and odors from pets. After all, pets aren’t the only ones responsible for making the carpet dirty.

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