You want to take good care of your carpets, so they continue to look nice for as long as possible. Vacuuming regularly can help, but sometimes you find stains on the carpet or you realize it has developed a lingering odor. For many people, the first thing that comes to mind is to find a product online or in the store that promises to make the problem go away.

However, that could prove to be a problem. Those OTC products are not all they’re cracked up to be. Below are the main reasons you want to avoid using those cleaning products on your carpet or rugs.

Dangers to Pets

You love your pets and want to keep them safe. However, some of the carpet cleaning products on the market are toxic. Your pets spend a lot of their time playing and lying on the carpet and rugs in your home, which means they are exposed to the chemicals. This could cause health problems for them.

Irritating to Your Skin

It’s not just your pets you have to worry about. The chemicals in some of the products could also irritate human skin. While you might not spend a lot of time rolling around on the carpet, there’s a good chance your children do. Don’t risk their health.

They Are Often Ineffective

One of the other issues with OTC carpet cleaning products is their effectiveness. They promise the world, but they often underdeliver. They may not be capable of truly getting rid of the odor that has set into the carpet. Instead, they mask the scent for a time. Others may not remove stains at all. They may cause the stain to set into the carpet, making it difficult for even professionals to remove it.

Damage to the Carpet

It’s also possible that the over-the-counter product ends up damaging the rug or carpet. The colors could run on your expensive rug. The product could end up causing a stain on the carpet.

Get a Professional Carpet Cleaning

Instead of trying to clean the carpets on your own with over-the-counter products, you will be better served by getting in touch with experts. Contact Green-Gen Carpet and Fine Rug Cleaning which can provide an estimate for cleaning your carpets. Be sure the company uses techniques and products that will not only get the job done, but that are safe for your family, including your pets.

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