Oriental rugs add comfort and warmth to your space. Authentic, handcrafted rugs can even become treasured heirlooms that are passed down through the generations. However, to look their best and to last for decades, they must be cared for properly. That means forgoing the DIY rug cleaning and turning to a professional. Why is professional Oriental rug cleaning so important, though?

The Need for Cleaning

Oriental rugs collect dirt, debris, pet hair, and more throughout the year just like your regular floor coverings. As you walk on the rug, the dirt and grime get ground deeper and deeper into it. In some cases, dirt particles can begin damaging the fabric of the rug, creating micro-tears that eventually lead to substantial damage.

Rugs will also hold allergens and can contribute to low indoor air quality. Traffic patterns will also emerge. It’s not just about ground-in dirt where you walk the most. Foot traffic can cause dyes to fade and fabric to weaken. Professional cleaning helps ensure that your rugs are clean and free of allergens and that they remain in great shape for years to come.

When DIY Cleaning Is Acceptable

We recommend that you clean your Oriental rugs as often as necessary using a standard vacuum cleaner and/or broom and dustpan. This will help keep your rug looking clean, but it does not get at the deep-down dirt.

When to Have Your Oriental Rugs Professionally Cleaned

For high traffic areas, we recommend professional cleaning once per year. If you have Oriental rugs in less-traveled areas, such as your bedroom, we recommend that you clean them every two to three years. Rugs in little-used areas may be able to go longer periods between professional cleanings.

Oriental rug cleaning professionals use special tools and organic, safe cleaning products to remove deep-down dirt safely, without damaging the delicate weave of your rug, or fading the dyes that give your rug warmth and character. At Green-Gen Carpet and Fine Rug Cleaning, we have decades of experience in caring for Oriental rugs, including those made from wool, cotton, and silk.

Has it been some time since your Oriental rug was cleaned? Perhaps you’ve never had it professionally cleaned and it is showing signs of wear and age. Contact us today to learn more about our professional cleaning services and how we can restore your treasured rug to its former glory.

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