As winter approaches, the discussion of carpet care turns from dirt and mud to snow, ice, and that nasty, harsh salt that’s used to de-ice driveways and walkways during the cold, snowy months. Did you know that salt can be damaging to your carpets? You’ve likely seen the white buildup that it causes on carpets and hard surfaces alike—that’s not just a visual spot. That’s actual salt sitting on the floor, and it needs to be cleaned up promptly.

In addition to the unsightly stains, your carpet could even see damage as a result of winter salt buildup that isn’t properly cleaned. The salt and other chemicals, combined with snow and ice, can lead to a breakdown in your carpet fibers or even total erosion, holes in your rugs, and more. That’s why it’s important to clean up salt stains right away or try to avoid them on the carpet.

Keep a rug by the back door that you can wash regularly and have everyone remove their shoes there during the winter months. If someone does walk on the carpet, vacuum, and spot-clean the area right away. This will ensure that there is less risk of damage because the salt doesn’t sit as long.

How to Clean Salt from Carpets

Salt is tricky to work with. Although you might think a little water will do the trick, that won’t actually help remove all the chemicals and salt that are getting ground into the carpets. You should first wipe the area with a damp cloth, then vacuum the area dry. If the salt is set in, spray it with water or a light soapy water mixture to loosen it from the carpet fibers.

If the salt leaves behind stains or causes serious damage, you may want to consult with carpet professionals. They will be able to help you resolve the issues you’re currently facing and help you avoid future issues, as well. Winter salt is great to keep you safe on those slippery outside surfaces, but it’s not such a great thing to get tracked into your home. Fortunately, if you’re on top of it, you can avoid serious damage and dangers.

Clean your carpets regularly and remember to treat stains immediately so that you can extend their lifespan and enjoy it for many more years to come. And when it comes to winter, try to leave as much of it outside (or at least off your floors) as possible. Contact an expert at Green-Gen Carpet and Fine Rug Cleaning to learn more!

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