Do you have a carpet that’s heavily stained and soiled? You are likely wondering whether it’s even worth it to clean it or if you would be better served by having it replaced instead. The answer to whether you should clean or replace your carpet will vary based on several factors.

Is the Carpet Damaged?

There is a difference between dirty and damaged. If the rug has damage that will be difficult or expensive to mend, then you will generally be better off getting a new carpet entirely. It will look better, and it has its entire life ahead of it. However, if the carpet is still in good shape—just dirty—then cleaning is likely all you really need.

Don’t fool yourself though. Get a close look at the carpet to see whether it is fraying and near its last days. If there is damage that’s too severe, you will find that getting a new carpet is usually a good idea.

Pet Stains

You also have to think about potential pet damage. This goes beyond just scratching or chewing the carpet. If there are pet stains, they can sometimes be cleaned. However, pet stains are often difficult to fix. Sometimes, cleaning will remove the color of the carpet. A milder cleaning might not damage the color, but it could leave stains and odor remnants.

Water Damage

Although water damage might look bad, whether it is from a broken pipe or a leaking appliance, it can be cleaned and then dried. As long as this is done relatively soon after the damage occurs, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Of course, there are some exceptions to the rules. In those cases where the water damage comes from dirty water, such as backed-up sewer lines, you will want to have the carpet replaced.

Take Good Care of Your Carpets

You want to make sure your carpets last for as long as possible. A little care and maintenance will go a long way. Having regularly cleaning a couple of times per year and vacuuming at least once per week is often all you will need.

Talk with the Experts

If you aren’t sure whether you should just get your carpet cleaned, or if you should get a new carpet, talk with the cleaning experts at Green-Gen Carpet and Fine Rug Cleaning. We can give you a better idea of whether it will be worth it to keep the carpet and just clean it or if it’s time for something new.

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