Even the most beautiful rugs lose their appeal as time wears on, especially if they’re not properly maintained. Years of wear and dirt build, and suddenly you’re looking at a lifeless rug lying on your floor. Is there any way to fix it, or is it time to say goodbye and purchase a new piece instead? Professional cleaning can give you years of extra time with your rug

What Does Professional Rug Cleaning Involve? 

If you’re accustomed to vacuuming and spot-cleaning your rug, you might think you know everything about rug cleaning. True professionals take things to a new level. The process is through and gets rid of all the built-up grime and dirt your rug keeps hidden. Here are the basic steps for professional rug cleaning

  • Inspection – A rug professional inspects the front and back of the rug and gathers information about its use. 
  • Removal of Dry Soil – Professionals use tools to vibrate all soil and dry debris loose, then thoroughly vacuum it away. 
  • Cleaning the Fringe – There’s no good way to clean rug fringe at home, but professionals handle it by handwashing. 
  • Shampoo – Professional shampooing is the most transformative step. It involves heavy-duty cleaning machines, sort of like putting your rug through a personal car wash. It’s then thoroughly rinsed to get rid of any remaining grime. 
  • Drying – Rugs are typically “groomed” and allowed to thoroughly dry on specially designed equipment. 
  • Vacuuming and Alignment – A final vacuum and fringe alignment complete the process. Once that’s over, you’ll receive your rug neatly rolled and stored. 

These are just basic techniques, and they’ll be different between companies and individuals. Special treatments might be used, especially if your rug has pet odors and stains. 

Benefits of Professional Rug Cleaning 

By the end of the cleaning process, your rug will look completely different! There are so many benefits to keeping properly cleaned rugs, including the following. 

  • Vibrant colors – If your rug is dull or faded, a professional cleaning brightens it up. 
  • Longer-lasting rug – Regular cleaning prolongs the life of your rug. Even if it’s old, it will give you years of extra time. 
  • Softens fibers – Simply put, it feels better to walk on a clean rug. 
  • Reduces allergens – Pollen, dander, hair, mold, and mildew all linger in unclean rugs. 
  • Eliminates odor – Whether it’s odor from pets, foot traffic, or smoking, your rug (and home) will smell better after a good rug cleaning! 


Don’t toss out that old rug until you’ve tried professional cleaning. You’ll be amazed at how much life it breathes back into even the oldest, dirtiest pieces. There’s still a chance to save yours. Contact Green-Gen Carpet and Fine Rug Cleaning for more information.

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