Pet owners love and cherish their furry friends. The benefits of their love, devotion, and company outweigh the inconveniences of pet ownership. However, pet dander, hair, and messes are still part of the package, and they all affect your carpet. To keep a clean, fresh-smelling, and allergen-free home, follow these tips to keep your carpet in tip-top shape while your beloved pet pal shares the space. 

1 – Keep the Paws Clean

Like our shoes, pet paws pick up everything. They’re the main point of contact between the animal and the ground. If you have an animal that regularly goes outside, they’re going to track in dust, dirt, pollen, mud, and all manner of other things. That goes right from their paws to your carpet! 

Clean your animal’s paws before they reach the carpet. That might mean wiping them clean with a towel, keeping pet-safe wipes just inside the door, or whatever works for you. Clean paws mean less mess reaches the carpets. 

2 – Vacuum Often 

A good vacuum is your first line of defense against pet hair, dirt, and allergens. There are plenty of vacuums created for pet owners, regardless of your budget. It will be your new best friend, especially if you have a high-shed breed. Vacuum your carpets every day for the best results. 

3 – Call the Professionals

Professional carpet cleaning is a must whether you have pets or not. It becomes crucial when you do, however. To keep your carpet in the best shape possible, have it professionally cleaned at least once a year. Pet owners probably need to do it close to every six months for the best results. 

4 – Handle Accidents Immediately

Pets will have accidents – there’s no way around that. When it happens, handle it as quickly as possible. Blot up fresh stains immediately and use a neutralizing cleaner. Enzyme cleaners are another good option, as they remove organic material from all sorts of pet stains (from urine to blood and everything in between). 

5 – Regular Grooming 

Regular pet grooming is good for your pet and for your carpet. Baths, brushing, and haircuts (if applicable) minimize dander and pet hair. Your pet feels better and you’ll have less work ahead of you to maintain your carpet. 

Final Thoughts 

There’s nothing like coming home to a pet who is excited to see you. Coming home to a clean carpet is definitely close, though! Follow the tips listed above and you’ll have both. Keep your vacuum in one hand and a treat in the other. Contact Green-Gen Carpet and Fine Rug Cleaning to learn more!

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