If you’ve ever dealt with clothes or carpet moths, you’re familiar with the damage they cause. They’re attracted to animal fibers (wool, leather, fur, etc.), which spells trouble for wool rugs. Adult moths don’t eat rug material or clothing, but their larvae certainly do. Female moths lay fifty eggs at a time, so a small infestation can rapidly turn into a very big problem. Larvae may feed on rugs for several months at a time. 

Suffice it to say, that sort of activity is devastating for rugs. Follow the tips listed below and banish moths from your home and your rugs. 

1 – Clean Often

Some moth species feed on the rug material itself, but you’re more likely to attract them if your rug has high levels of organic material. Pet stains, food spills, and similar types of soils attract carpet moths. They feed on the soiled fibers and destroy your rug in the process. 

Vacuum and clean your rugs regularly. That’s the best preventative method. Do what you can to avoid attracting moths in the first place, and you won’t have to worry about getting rid of them after the fact. Rugs should be professionally cleaned about once a year, but it’s best to vacuum daily and spot clean as needed. 

2 – Store Carefully 

Most moth infestations occur while rugs are in storage. They’re often kept in dark, damp areas like basements, so you won’t notice a problem until it’s too late. If you must store your rug, get it professionally cleaned first. Make it as unappealing to moths as possible before you package it for storage. 

3 – Clean Your Air Ducts 

Many people wonder how moths enter their homes. How did the infestation start? Air ducts are a common culprit. Dusty, dirty air ducts attract the moths, which then make their way into your home (and your rugs). Have them cleaned and maintained every couple of years.

4 – Store with Cedar

Mothballs are a common tactic for warding away these insects, but they contain harsh chemicals and the smell tends to work its way into your rug. They’re not a hundred percent effective, either. Instead, store your rugs with cedar blocks. It isn’t guaranteed to ward off moths, especially if you’re storing soiled rugs, but it’s partially effective and won’t cause any harm. 


If you keep wool rugs (like the ever-popular Oriental style), fur, or any other material attractive to these moths, focus on prevention. Moths can wreak havoc on your beautiful rugs, but you have the power to stop them. Contact Green-Gen Carpet and Fine Rug Cleaning for more help.

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