There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing how to best care for your carpets and other floors in your home. A lot of people want DIY solutions because they are typically more affordable and don’t require as much effort, but the fact is that sometimes, there’s a reason to skip DIY cleaning and instead call in the professionals. In the case of carpet cleaning, here are four reasons why.

  1. Commercial carpet cleaners don’t use dangerous chemicals.

Commercial cleaners typically use hot water extraction and limit their use of toxic or harmful chemicals. Many DIY cleaning machines call for chemical-based products that are supposed to help clean the floors, but might ultimately end up causing bigger issues.

  1. Professional carpet cleaning services have more powerful equipment.

Consumer-grade carpet machines are fine, but they usually don’t have the power that is required to get your carpets looking their best. Professional cleaners often have powerful equipment like truck-mounted cleaning units that can clean deeper, heat water to a higher temperature, and ensure that extraction doesn’t leave a single drop of water behind.

  1. Carpet cleaning experts have extensive knowledge of carpets and their cleaning needs.

Professional carpet cleaning services come with technicians who understand carpets and how to best care for them, as well as what elements impact determining the best cleaning method, and more. These professionals are experts within their industry and will ensure that your floors get the care that they need, including professional cleaning and tips for helping you keep your carpets in good shape in between cleanings.

  1. Commercial cleaners offer convenience.

Even if you’ve become a master at DIY carpet cleaning and the rest of the elements in this list don’t really hit the mark for you, what about the convenience factor? Instead of spending hours cleaning your floors, moving and replacing furniture, and trying to make sure that it’s done properly, you can let commercial carpet cleaners do the work for you. They’ll come in and assess the situation, provide cleaning services, and even offer advice on how to keep your floors in great shape for a long time to come.

The Bottom Line

The debate between professional carpet cleaning and DIY solutions continues to be a pressing topic for many people. However, as you can see, it’s usually best to leave it to the pros. Contact Green-Gen Carpet and Fine Rug Cleaning today to learn more.

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